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Organic extra virgin olive oil produced exclusively from olives grown in the Serrarossa company.

Eat Healthy and Natural. Authentic oil directly from the crusher. Choosing an organic extra virgin olive oil of 100% Italian origin means supporting local producers, the economy of your land, and above all, it means choosing a healthy and certified product. We produce organic extra virgin olive oil in our mill, made precisely to offer the consumer a product from a short supply chain and really from km 0. The only goal, from olive harvesting to cold oil extraction, is to obtain an excellent product of absolute quality. We mainly address to consumers who focus on the quality of their life, taking responsibility for protecting their health, through the use of genuine products.


How do you recognize a quality EVO oil?


Natural deposit of nutritional properties


Every drop brings well-being

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Sharing the culture of organic extra virgin olive oil and properly informing consumers

We are 100% sure that you know the product we are about to illustrate: Extra virgin olive oil. At the same time, we also know that you do not know everything you should know about this food, so you can’t appreciate it as you should. Knowing the properties of the active principles of olive oil, the nutritional values and the benefits of introducing it daily into your diet, will help you to have a more transparent overall view. That’s why you should read this in-depth description, where you will find all the information on this product and even more! Our in-depth analysis will help you discover everything you should know about this condiment so precious to our body, on which very often false myths have been built around.


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Through tasting (also called sensory analysis) it is possible to test, appreciate, recognize [...]

The peoples of the Mediterranean area began to emerge from barbarism when they learned to cultivate olive and vine.

Tucidide, 5th century B.C. Greek historian

For centuries, olive oil has made it possible for the populations that use it to improve their health.

Walter Willett, U.S. Doctor

Vineyard planted by me, mulberry by my father, olive by my grandfather: because olive trees are like this, they accompany families for generations.

Popular Proverb